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July 31, 2014

Chapters 18 and 19 of Business Law Basics Published Online

Chapters 18 (Contract Law) and 19 (Uniform Commercial Code) of Business Law Basics are now available online.

The Business Law Basics website is a collaborative project designed to put legal knowledge in the hands of laypeople, particularly in the business community. It is largely based upon Business Law Basics, a book by Samuel D. Brickley 2nd, an associate professor of business law at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, and Brian M. Gottesman, a partner at the Wilmington, Delaware law firm of Berger Harris.  Business Law Basics contains 26 chapters each covering a discreet area of law, several of which are available in their entirety for free on this site.

This website also includes the Business Law Basics blog, on which the Business Law Basics authors and their co-bloggers, Berger Harris attorneys Benjamin J. Berger, John G. Harris, Suzanne H. Holly, Michael W. McDermott, Christopher L. Messa, Michelle P. Quinn, Lisa R. Stark, and David Anthony discuss recent developments in business law as well as provide practical guides and analysis on a wide variety of legal topics.